Updated Oct. 11 @ 03:30

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate Mousse

Kirtland Vanilla

Georgia Peach

Cake Batter

Island Banana

LC Snickers

NSA Honey Dew

Coconut milk key lime

Pomegranate raspberry

Mango Sunrise

Very Strawberry

Coming Soon

NSA Orange Creamcicle

Coconut Milk Coconut

Creme Brulee

Pina Colada

Cotton Candy

Coconut Milk Toasted Marshmallow

Soup Flavor



Oct. 1st- Mar. 31st

NF = Nonfat
LC = Low Carb
LF = Low Fat
ND = Non Dairy
NSA = No Sugar Added
Almost all of our flavors are GLUTEN FREE!

The combinations of flavors and toppings are ENDLESS (see Products)! Our flavors change periodically, so check back often to see what we’re serving! Then, find your favorites and request them here.